A web based software that enables organizations to easily know the status and location of their personnel.

Locating people in unfamiliar environments can be difficult and time consuming.

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Panic Button

Allows users to alert and update appointed security officers or organizations for assistance without explaining where they are!

Live Map

User Locations

A live map shows all users with their live update location. GPS Coordinates and street addresses can be accurately and quickly obtained.


Monitor and Assist

Security companies and organizations are able to utilize T-Fix for monitoring handsets where users travel or live in a risky environment where crime may occur.



How it Works


(a) OK: This functions allows to share their current location and they are in an "OK" status on the web platform.

(b) SOS: When activated, sends handset location to the map, activates an alarm to the web platforms and alerts pre-determined emergency contacts by SMS and email.

(c) Messaging: Allows users to recieve screen messages.

(d) Emergency Contacts: Allows to quickly view security manager's contact details.

(e) User Location Update: Automatically update current user location or alerts them to update their location if commanded from the web platform.

Security Manager

(a) Map: Live Map that shows all users with their last updated location. User status is also shown on the Map.

(b) Polling: Security managers send position update request to individuals, groups, last country reported in or company.

(c) Messaging: Message updates can be sent to individuals, groups, last country reported in or company.

(d) GeoFence: A geofence can be drawn around a specific location to manage location updates or messages specifically withing that area.

(e) Export: User details - name and contact details who haven't updated locations or are in area can be exported quickly to task people to work through contacting them.